We, as former members of  the U.S.
Armed Forces, Contractor, Civil
Service, German Air Force, or who had
a Hof Air Station or Doebraberg,
Germany connection, and who in our
reverence for  the memory of our
departed members, unite to further the
aims and objectives of the Hof Reunion
The Association emblem consist of the
seal of the town of Hof, Germany
(centered) with the year 1948 on the left
and the year 1975 on the right,
surrounded by the words HOF REUNION
arranged around the top perimeter and
the word ASSOCIATION arranged
around the bottom perimeter. The colors
of the Association emblem are: seal
colors are the same as the seal of Hof,
Germany. The year 1948 and 1975 are
black.  HOF REUNION – black, red, gold
(German National Flag colors);
ASSOCIATION – red, white, blue (U.S.
flag colors) with white stars in the blue.
The Hof Reunion Association holds an annual reunion at various locations throughout the United States and Hof, Germany for the
purpose of familiarizing the membership with a geographical knowledge of our great countries and renewing old friendship; holding a
memorial service for deceased colleagues; making tours of historical landmarks and National Treasures; discussing past military
strategy as opposed to current methodology; providing dependents an educational history of how members of the Association
contributed to the National Interest of the United States; providing a platform for the exchange of historical documents; listening to
selected Association members, who are professional educators, speak on the price of vigilance; and conducting the Association
business, elections and presenting reports.
Hof, Germany
Flag Counter